Exiting and interesting experiences !

Exiting and interesting experiences !



On October 20th 2017, the exhibition "FUZZ! - the technology that changes music" opened.


Along with a number of well-known and amazing artists, you are invited into a universe where you can sing, make and mix music - and experience how sound is coloured by different instruments and eras.


The exhibition is texted in English. 


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The red line in the exhibition is the result of the meeting between music and technology  narrated by famous artists such as Jarle Bernhoft, Röyksopp, ARY, Fay Wildhagen, Miss Tati, Tarjej Strøm, Karin Krog, Torgrim Eggen, Thomas Felberg, Torgny Amdam, Carmen Villain, Martin Horntvedt (Jaga Jazzist), Brynjulf ??Blix and Petter Baarli (Backstreet Girls), merited producers such as Martin Sjølie (Sigrid), Bjarne Stensli (Sivert Høyem) and Kjetil Bjerkestrand.

The exhibition's guides and experts are Eivind Staxrud (Raga Rockers), Even Ormestad (a-ha), Peter Baden and Henrik the Artist.


- With FUZZ! we want to expand Oslo's adventuring through a comprehensive exhibition with broad appeal, as well as inspire and engage young people and adults, says Inger Bertelsen, the Popsenters CEO.



 The use of the microphone was cheating


"The history of musical instruments and the development of music production is constantly driven by the interaction between global technology developments, musicians, producers, researchers, klutz´ and commercial forces. In parallel with the development, there will be some resistance. Even the microphone was once the subject of discussion of whether it was cheating to use it as an aid, says Paal Ritter Schjerven, artistic director at Popsenteret and curator of the exhibition.


Popsenteret better than ever


It is this fascinating story that forms the basis for the Popsenters great initiative, which opened to the public on October 20th at Grünerløkka. There will be many highlights throughout the year, and FUZZ! will be an exciting journey in both our history and our today, about revolt and generational change, adversity and prosperities, love and hatred.


FUZZ! - The technology that changes music


Tours in English


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