Exiting and interesting experiences !

Exiting and interesting experiences !

Summer 2017 - a museumvisit to remember !

English guided tour - during summer holidays (ends 20th of August)

Tuesday - Sunday 11.00-12.00 am.

Join us for a time travel through Norwegian pop music! Have you heard of Wenche Myhre, a-ha, Dimmu Borgir, Nico & Vinz and Kygo? They are all Norwegian artists who have had great success abroad. You will get a chance to get to know them better on this engaging tour!

Engaging, interesting and fun for all music fans !

Ticket prize 50,-/100,- (incl. entrance to the museum)

Music is essential in our lives, and it connects us across borders of countries, culture, religion, politics and age. Experience music and music history that you - in one way or another - will recognize from your own life history irrespective of under what skies you were born !

All guides speak English (test their knowledge)

Their most important task is to make sure your visit really is "something to remember"! Check out their knowledge of popular music in general and norwegian music in spesific. They know a tremendous amount.

Tours in English

English tours of Popsenteret are available by booking in advance. For booking and more information, email kontakt@popsenteret.no or call 0047 22 46 80 20.


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